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Coaching Philosophy

  • FUN: The boys must always have fun whether at soccer practice or during games. By having fun, players are more likely to develop a love for the game which, in turn, will motivate them to continue to develop their skill/technique.
  • DEDICATION AND PRACTICE: Soccer requires long hours over a period of many years to become proficient. The player will understand the level of dedication it takes to achieve proficiency. Players are expected to practice on their own in order to improve.
  • SKILLS/TECHNIQUE: Emphasis will be placed on skill and technique development. Both skill and technique development take precedence over everything else. Every training session will incorporate elements of skill and technique in ways that will keep each player engaged.
  • TEAMWORK: Soccer is the perfect vehicle to teach life lessons such as teamwork, delegation, constructive criticism and camaraderie. These values will be stressed consistently.
  • RESPECT: Liking each other is not essential but the players must respect each other.
  • LOVE OF THE GAME: Allowing the player to be free on the field helps him to express his soccer skills, technique and knowledge. His success will hopefully foster a passion and love for the game that will stay with him forever.
  • INDEPENDENCE: When playing games, the boys will be allowed to make mistakes, constructively criticize each other, teach each other and offer ways to improve each others game.
  • PERFORMANCE: The player should enjoy playing more than winning. At the U-13 level playing well and giving a honest effort is far more important than the result.
  • HONESTY: Players will always get honest feedback. Feedback will be given constructively and will be used to praise areas of strength or address specific areas that need improvement.

Coaching Core Values

The job of a coach is to mentor and instruct players to realize their full potential.

  • SAFETY: The game is not more important than the safety of the player. Player safety will always come first.
  • FAIRNESS: Each player will be treated with respect and given every opportunity to succeed.
  • ROLE MODEL: The coaching staff will behave in a manner that will present them as positive role models.
  • HANDS OFF: Coaches will not interfere with the game. Coaches will allow players to regulate at their pace, giving minimal instructions when needed and give it in a constructive manner.

Player Expectations

  • Always give your best effort. Each players is responsible for how they and their teammates play.
  • Be on time to practice and to games. Having a good reason for missing practice will not make players better.
  • Respect teammates and opponents. Do not use abusive language. Give constructive feedback to your teammates. Respect your opponents by giving your best effort during games.
  • An unselfish play is the best play. Give and you shall receive.
  • Work together to achieve goals that are unattainable by any single individual. Even though one player may do well, an entire team working together can achieve great things.

Parent Expectations

  • Bring your son on time to practice and to games.
  • Be a good example for your son by being gracious both in victory and defeat. Let the coaches handle all soccer matters.
  • Do not coach from the sidelines. Encourage every player on the team.
  • Refrain from berating opposing team and/or referees.

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