Boys and Girls U10 and U11 Tournament Team Program

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

LAYSL sponsors separate boys and girls tournament teams and currently has both U10 and U11 teams. The boy's and girl's U10 and U11 teams play in the Santa Fe Northern Rec League and the girls U10 team has also played in the LAYSL Recreational League. LAYSL also sponsors these teams to attend 3 to 4 age-appropriate weekend tournaments throughout the year. The tournament teams may also schedule a number of scrimmages with Santa Fe Northern, Taos, and Albuquerque teams.

The goal of the LAYSL Tournament Team Program is to provide a bridge between the recreational league and our competitive teams. Los Alamos Football Club (LAFC) competitive teams typically start participating in the Duke City Soccer League at the age of U11 or U12 and play games at the Soccer Complex in Bernalillo against some of the best teams in the state. In the past, our youngest teams experienced quite a learning curve with this transition from our recreational league to the Duke City competitive play due to the quality of teams and increased speed of play.

The Tournament Team Program will give players who are considering playing on a competitive team in the future a chance to be exposed to a more structured training environment and gradually introduce players to the increased speed of play and technical skill level so they can steadily adjust and improve over time. Tournament team coaching will focus on individual player development. Players who meet the age qualification and express the desire to improve their play and can commit to the expectations for training and games may play on the tournament team. The tournament teams will be trained in the Academy style with multiple coaches and teams training together.

The registration fee for this program is $275 for the Fall and Spring seasons. These fees go towards the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association registration fees, equipment stipends for each team, operating costs for registering each player, travel team insurance, and the registration costs for 3-4 tournaments (up to $1500 per year). Uniforms are purchased separately by each family and may be used for multiple seasons.

The sessions to count who is interested in the 2014-2015 tournament teams will take place in mid-May {SEE SCHEDULE HERE!}. These sessions are to determine how many U10 and U11 Boys and Girls tournament teams we can form. Players are taken on a first come, first placed process. Kids are not cut, just selected based on the numbers. In the three years the tournament team has been used in Los Alamos, no player of the right age was turned away. The main criteria is the willingness to commit to being focused and hardworking at practice, and to commit to attending the majority of games on the schedule. More information on dates, times, and field locations will be coming soon.

Age Group Table (2014-2015)

US Youth Soccer Federation has set the cut off date for the different age groups to be July 31. Yes, that is one month sooner than the cut off date for New Mexico schools. The table below shows the different age groups children would be in, depending on their birthday. To find what age group your child is, first find the year they were born on the left, then go across to the month.

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
2003 x x x x x x x U11 U11 U11 U11 U11
2004 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10
2005 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 x x x x x