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Recreational Program Questions

What equipment does my child need?

Everyone must have shin guards and socks that cover the shin guard. In the younger kids, often the children want to wear the shin guards on the outside of the socks. This is not allowed. We also recommend soccer cleats and shorts, but these are not required.

What about my child's uniform?

In an attempt to keep cost to the parents to a minimum, we reuse the same uniform every year. The uniform can be purchased at CB Fox. We are also starting an equipment exchange where you can donate the uniform your child has out grown and pick up a replacement.

What should I look for in cleats?

First time buyers of soccer cleats often make the mistake of purchasing football or baseball cleats. They often look very much alike, but the difference is in the toe. Football and baseball cleats have a cleat under the front tip, or toes of the cleat, while soccer cleats do not have them. That cleat can cause serious cuts and bruises when challenging for the ball. Referees will be looking at equipment and will not allow kids to play with the wrong cleats.

What size soccer ball does my child need?

It is important that your child practice and play with the right size ball. The size of the ball is not only different, but the weight as well. Your kid's coach will be provided the correct size ball for your child's age, but if you want to get one for playing at home, here is the break down.

  • U5-U8: Size #3
  • U9-U12: Size #4
  • U13 and above: Size #5

When are practices and games?

Your child's coach will contact you with the specific date / time and location. You can also check the schedule posted under the Recreational menu item if the coach has notified the league of practice times. The game schedule can also be found there.

What is the leagues position on equal playing time in the recreational league?

Coaches are encouraged to be as fair as possible with playing time, regardless of playing ability. Playing time is based on attendance at practices and following team rules (no fighting, etc), nothing more.

When will the season begin and how long will it last?

The fall season will start in late August/early September and largely depends on when school starts. It lasts about 8 weeks, with teams playing 6 games. The spring season starts in late March and runs right until the end of school. We do take the Spring Break week off. Again, we try to provide 6 games for everyone, but the weather sometimes forces us to cancel some weekend games.

Who will be my child's coach?

For the most part, your child will have the same coach from when they start the recreational program. All the coaches are volunteers. Training is provided to the coach on how to best teach soccer to each age group and what they should be learning. The coach will almost always be a parent of one of the kids on the team. LAYSL prefers parent coaches so that the interest of the team can be based on what is best for the kids.

How can I be a coach if I don't know anything about soccer?

The hardest part of being a volunteer youth coach is actually taking the initiative and volunteering. LAYSL provides excellent coaching education through our staff and New Mexixo Youth Soccer Association. In addition, we provide on-line manuals, practice lessons plans, articles on how to coach and what should be focused on.

Competitive Program Questions

When will the season begin and how long will it last?

The fall season will start in early August and runs until early November. Teams will usually playi in the Blast Off Tournament, held here in Los Alamos in late August and then play 8 games in the Duke City Soccer League. Some teams will then choose to play in an end of season tournament. The spring season practice starts in early February with matches starting in late February/Early March. Again, teams will play 8 games in the Duke City Soccer League, takes no time off for Spring Break, and ends in late April. Teams will then take part in the Durango Shootout soccer tournament (Durango, CO) or State Cup (Bernalillo Soccer Complex) in early May.

What is the leagues position on equal playing time in the competitive league?

While we encourage the competitive coaches to be as fair as possible with playing time, it is by no means guaranteed or in some cases possible. The recreational league is about equal playing time and fun, regardless of ability. The competitive league is more about competition, performing under pressure, and improving the players soccer skills. Playing time is awarded based on attendance and performance in the competitive league.

What is the time commitment for competitive soccer?

Teams practice 2 or 3 times a week, usually for an hour and half. Games are on Saturdays down at the Bernalillo Soccer Complex. Times for games are from 9:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. The time you should be at the Soccer Complex varies from coach to coach, but plan on being there 30 minutes before game time to warm up.

Maybe I/my kid is not ready for that time commitment, what else can we do?
House players may be the option for you then. The cost of this player still requires the full league registration. House players are allowed to practice with the team, attend tournaments where the roster sizes are increased, or fill in for injured or out of town players. Ask the team coach for more information, or Email Us Here!

Do I need to provide LAYSL with an original birth certificate?

LAYSL no longer needs a official birth certificate; a photo copy will suffice in order to register children in NMYSA and Duke City. With that said, an official birth certificate is often needed for tournament play.

We cannot get enough of soccer, can we play on both a recreational and a competitive team?

Yes you can. If your child makes a competitive team's roster, they can still sign up for a recreational team. They will have to pay the registration fee of the competitive team only. Keep in mind the commitment to both teams needs to be fulfilled.

Registration Questions

I missed the registration deadline, can I still register my child?

Well, that depends. After a certain date, we need to pay higher fees to the state organization. You can still register your child up until the teams are forms, with the addition of a late fee. Once the teams are set we will only accept registrations from people just moving into town.

Why are the late fees so high compared to the regular fees?

LAYSL can control what we can charge to some extent. The largest portion of the registration fee goes to NMYSA for insurance and registration with the state. After a certain date, the state imposes late fees for all new registrations, which we then are forced to pass on to you.

Why the difference in cost for registering just for Fall and Fall and Spring?

NMYSA will charge a fee to LAYSL each time a player is registered. Much of the fees is we charge is to cover the cost of insurance for the coaches and players. The rest of the fee goes to field maintenance equipment, and paying of referees.

My child is not being pushed in the age bracket they are in, can I have them play up an age?

We do have a mechanism for allowing kids play up an age, but these are granted on a limited bases. LAYSL feels that kids need to be kids and learn life lessons first, then soccer skills. Lets face it, if your child has an incredible gift for soccer and has a chance to go pro someday, then you really need to move to Southern California where they play year round and get scouted on a regular basis. In Los Alamos, kids need to have fun with soccer and get as many touches as possible. Often, when we move a kid up an age, they are intimidated by the size of the other kids, and their cognitive skills set is different and cannot adjust to the more complicated practices sessions.

If you still feel strongly that your child needs to be playing up, contact the league President or Vice President and they will discuss the process with you.

Email us here!

My child is new to soccer and is small for their age, can they play down an age?

In the competitive program, this is not possible. Kids have to play in their age group or higher. The recreational program is a different story. We feel it import that the kids have a good time playing. If this is in the best interest of the kid, we can make it happen, but the league and coaches need to know when this happens.

Do I need to provide LAYSL with an original birth certificate?

LAYSL no longer needs an official birth certificate; a photo copy will suffice in order to register children in NMYSA and Duke City. With that said, an official birth certificate is often needed for tournament play.

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